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REER Québec

Plan an Extraordinary Retreat With a REER in Quebec

One of the most significant decisions Canadians must make is how to plan for their retirement. If some financial decisions are not made in time, they will find themselves needing to work even in their old age to maintain their quality of life.

In Canada, there are several savings and investment alternatives. However, the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (REER) is the best. You must know the benefits of this option, and how you can get the most out of your REER in Quebec.

Why Quote a REER?

The REER is an instrument created by the government to facilitate a pleasant retirement for any Canadian. One of the significant advantages of the plan is that you can achieve a higher accumulation of capital compared to other options. The reason is that the money and interest of the REER grow tax-free.

If you invest $1000, for example, and assume a 5% return, in about 35 years, your REER will have grown to almost $100K, while the other options will barely exceed $60K. Also, keep in mind that quotes for your REER are tax-deductible. You will be able to deduct your annual REER contribution, and thus pay less, saving significant amounts during your working years.

Finally, another advantage of this savings plan is that you don't have to wait for retirement to enjoy your money. You can use some of the REER funds for specific life projects, such as buying your first home.

Get the Most Out of Your REER with Desjardins Caisse de Gatienau

If you want to plan an excellent retirement with this financial instrument, you can count on our support. Desjardins Caisse de Gatineau is more than a bank. We are one of the best and most reliable financial institutions in Canada. We are here to support you and to advise you on how to get the most out of your savings plan.

Let our extraordinary team of financial experts assist you. Each case is unique, and our advisors will be able to analyze your economic and budgetary situation to recommend a savings plan that is tailored to your needs. So you can enjoy good financial health today, while you prepare for your retirement years.

What Benefits Will You Have with Desjardins?

To achieve the maximum benefit from the REER, some financial decisions must be made, depending on each person. There are factors such as the amount of the contribution, the tax deduction, and whether the contribution is individual or you also will be contributing to your spouse. All of these impact the performance of the savings plan, and only the expertise of an extraordinary Desjardins executive will allow you to make the best decisions for you.

Besides, you'll enjoy all the benefits of our institution, just like our more than 6 million members and clients. You will be able to explore other long-term investment options, which, together with an excellent REER, will allow you and your family to enjoy an extraordinary quality of life in the future.

Trust the Best

It's time for you to visualize your retirement, and make the right decisions to get it. Let Desjardins Caisse de Gatienau's outstanding team of expert consultants advise you on how to achieve an excellent REER in Quebec. Contact us; we will be happy to help you.

REER Québec
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REER Québec

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